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Asian Hainan Chicken Brown Rice

By on August 14, 2013
hainan chicken brown rice



1 Cup Brown Rice
1 Cup Chicken Breast
1 Ginger Root (Raw)
2 Cup Chicken Broth 99% Fat Free
2 Garlic Cloves



There are many ways to make this dish and this may be far off from authentic but it is one of the quickest and healthiest way to establish this Asian meal.  In a standard rice cooker, add 1 Cup Brown Rice with 2 cups of Chicken Broth. Thinly slice ginger and garlic and add to Cooker. Place whole chicken breast into rice cooker and just cook on “white rice” setting.

You can serve with this sliced ginger/oil/soy-sauce as dipping sauce.


hainan chicken brown rice













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